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Implementing a chemical decontamination strategy for antineoplastic drugs

Author: Dr Nicolas Simon

This module deals with the problem of decontaminating antineoplastic drug compounding facilities.

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Key questions on hazardous drug risk assessment

Author: Mark Santillo

Mark Santillo answers key questions on what constitutes acceptable hazardous drug risk assessment, and highlights the most common failing.

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Key questions on who is at risk of exposure to hazardous drugs in hospitals

Author: Dr Ana Herranz

Dr Ana Herranz explores who is at risk of exposure to hazardous drugs, what precautions are put in place to protect them, who has responsibility for ensuring their safety and what guidelines and legislation exist to protect them.

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What is the correct procedure for the safe handling of hazardous drugs?

Author: Johan Vandenbroucke

Hospital staff, patients and visitors are all affected if hazardous drugs are not handled safely. This module examines best practice in the preparation, administration and waste management of these drugs.

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A guide to the guidelines: Hazardous drugs in the hospital setting

Author: Marta Trojniak

Compare how the “do’s and don’ts” of medicine preparation differ across Europe and discover how international directives could impact your working practice with this module.

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Innovative pharmacotherapies

Author: Andrew Parsons

As a pharmacist, you are your hospital’s expert on medications and healthcare technology; update your knowledge of the latest developments in the field with this module.

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How is product quality and integrity assured on the pathway from vial to vein?

Author: Johan Vandenbroucke

All healthcare professionals, and especially hospital pharmacists, need to concern themselves with ensuring the quality of injectable medications. This module explores the technologies used to maintain product integrity from preparation to administration.

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Who needs protection from hazardous drugs in the hospital setting?

Author: Johan Vandenbroucke

Some drugs are more hazardous than others, and appropriate levels of protection must be deployed by hospital employees responsible for ensuring safety. This module considers risk management strategies.

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